• Incorporated in 2001, Syndicate Capital focuses on co-investments in mid-market companies alongside core and specialist sponsors. We serve as a bridge to connect entrepreneurs with ultra-high-net-worth individuals, private investors, family offices and financial institutions including investment banks and PE funds across the international capital markets.

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  • Our Investments & Portfolio Companies

    Syndicate Capital targets and invests in companies with high return and growth. It is an international investment conglomerate that focuses on ESG and sustainable investing. The investment strategy of the group is to co-invest alongside core and specialist sponsors in mid-market companies, especially artificial intelligence, Fintech, green energy, education, smart-cities, natural resources and healthcare sectors. Below are a few selected flagship investments and ventures from our portfolio:

    ESG - Carbon Neutral

    Carbon Credit Xchange (CCX)

    Background: Syndicate Capital is a strategic shareholder of Carbon Credit Xchange (CCX).

    Core Business: CCX is the 1st global carbon credit trading NFT platform in Asia Pacific.

    To achieve sustainable carbon net-zero ecosystems supported by green finance, CCX uses open Blockchain, Smart-Contracts and NFT technology to simply the process of Buying and Selling carbon offsets by providing a liquid, transparent, secure marketplace in the global voluntary carbon market, including the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, etc.

    Delegate(s) from Syndicate Capital: Chairman / Director(s)

    Robo Advisor - Digital Assets

    Alpha Finnovate Limited

    Background: Syndicate Capital is a substantial shareholder of Alpha Finnovate.

    Core Business: An AI-driven robotic advisor which delivers additional alpha for clients' asset management over digital assets. The robo-advisor will be able to connect directly to client's account and execute through the exchanges' API so there is no custodian issue.

    Alpha Finnovate is the 2020 Gold Award Winner of IFTA Achievement Award and 2021 Rising Star Honouree of TADS Award.

    Delegate(s) from Syndicate Capital: Director / CXO

    Cross Border Payment Fintech Solutions

    GPEC Technology Co., Ltd. (GPEC)

    Background: Syndicate Capital is a strategic investor of GPEC, which is a global payment and e-commerce solutions provider.

    Core Business: GPEC provides specialised solutions for companies across Belt & Road through the establishment of a global payment acceptance and cross-border e-commerce platform, covering POS, internet payments, mobile payments, e-wallet, mobile POS and other cross-border services. Currently, GPEC mainly operates in: * Luxembourg, Paris and other EU countries

    * United Arab Emirates and North Africa

    * Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries

    * Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand

    * Russia

    Delegate(s) from Sydicate Capital: CSO / Hon Advisor

    Online Deal Matching Platform

    Asia Investors Roundtable Ltd.

    Background: Syndicate Capital is a major investor of Asia Investors Roundtable Limited, which is co-founded by the CEO of Asia CEO Community and CEO of Syndicate Capital.

    Core Business: An international platform to facilitate fund raising, deal matching and project financing. Partnering with its strategic partners, Asia Investors Roundtable develops an online deal matching platform to support transactions between buy and sell sides, comprised over 10,000 members who are CEOs or C-Suite executives from international organisations. A strong network of Investors include PEs, Institutional funds, high-net-worth individuals across Asia Pacific.

    Delegate(s) from Syndicate Capital: Founder / Directors

    e-Lending Solution

    Stepladder Asia Ltd.

    Background: Syndicate Capital and StepLadder entered into a joint venture namely “StepLadder Asia Limited” to promote the digital ROSCA business, particularly the mortgaging sector, across Asia. With the regional headquarters incorporated in Hong Kong, the joint venture will first launch the business in Cambodia this year, and is planning to extend to other Asian countries in 2021.

    Core Business: StepLadder is a UK peer to peer lending business and is an appointed representative of More Lending Solutions Limited which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Its mission is to drive positive social change by helping first time home buyers raise money collaboratively using the UK's first Digital ROSCA product.

    Delegate(s) from Sydicate Capital: Executive Directors

    Fund Administration Application

    Pivotal Global Limited

    Background: Syndicate Capital is the holding company of Pivotal Global, which is a joint venture with Pivotal Technologies.

    Core Business: PT Fund Admin is an AI and blockchain based fund administration platform for both traditional and non-traditional assets classes including digital assets.

    PT Fund Admin provides support in 3 key business areas are:

    1. All asset classes including alternative investments such as NFT, Whisky, jewelry, antiques, etc.

    2. AI Reporting and Analytics

    3. AI Risk Management and Advisory

    Delegate(s) from Syndicate Capital: Chairman / Director(s)

    Agritech & Farming

    EcOasis Agritech Limited

    Background: We are a major shareholder of EcOasis Agritech, where the smart farming management system (Goldent River) has won the 2019 Geneve International Invention Award.

    Core Business: Artificial intelligent Management Solution Service Provider in Organic Farming. EcOasis also offers STEM education program.

    Delegate(s) from Sydicate Capital: Director / CTO

    Natural Resources - Water Project

    Viking Resources EHF

    Background: Syndicate Capital is a strategic investor of Viking Resources. The investment project is to build Iceland's largest and most advanced water bottling plant, located at the source in very covenient location of Olfus. Iceland has been regularly ranked as the cleanest country in the world. The stat-of-the-art bottling plant will have various extentions capabilities and will be with initial capacity of 300 millions litres of high quality of water per year and futher expanision to over 1 billions litres. This new plant will be completely sustainable operation, fueled entirely by local geothermal and hydroelectric power.

    Core Business: Viking Resources EHF is a bottled water manufacturing company in Iceland. In 2019, the company have been granted the exclusive right by the Government to aquire certain pieces of land Olfus. Viking Resources water is collected from the Selvogur Spring. The company does not pump water, but collects that which flows naturally to ground surface.

    Delegate(s) from Sydicate Capital: Non-Executive Director

    Digital Assets - Precious Metals

    Cyber Credit Natural Resources Ltd. (STO: CCT)

    Background: Syndicate Capital is an angel investor of Cyber Credit Natural Resources, which is a technological and environmental-friendly mining company with substantial investments in copper mines in Peru. Cyber Credit completed the Secutiry Token Offering (STO) that listed in Philippine's digital exchange in May 2020. This STO represents the Rico LeonMag 3 mine with over 90 million MT mineral reserves, primiarliy copper.

    Core Business: Cyber Credit is a natural resurces investment and management company with operations across Lantin America, South East Asia and China. The stakeholders of Cyber Credit have extensive investments and mining rights in South America covering over 5,400 hectares of land and have plans to progessively increase mining and production capacity to meet unmet global demand for copper.

    Delegate(s) from Sydicate Capital: Angel Investor

  • Services

    On top of co-investing and forming strategic partnerships, Syndicate Capital provides a wide range of services, including capital introduction, strategic alliance and corporate advisory services.

    Capital Introduction

    Private Placement, Bond Issuance,

    Pre-IPO, SPAC, STO, etc.

    At Sydnicate Capital, we work closely with entrepreneurs to learn about their unique strategies, business objectives and fundraising goals. Whether looking to launch a new project, funds or diversify their existing investor bases, we have expertise to help entrepreneurs refine thier message and enhance their overall business development. We offer clients and investors a targeted approach to Capital Introduction.


    Strategic Alliance

    Global strategic business matching and development

    Syndicate Capital has a strong network across Asia Pacific, Europe, United States, Latin America and other emerging markets such as Peru. To assist businesses and strategic investors in grasping the ample opportunities, our group has incorporated a database of investment projects and selected promising investments along the Belt and Road countries, which cover infrastructure, technology, education, natural resources and energy, public utilities and urban development.

    Corporate Advisory

    Strong professional team to advance your business

    With the world growing at a rapid pace, the company would not want to lose out on some vital opportunities. It may look out for transformation and expansion opportunities, go in for strategic alliances, seek profitable mergers and acquisitions etc, to improve upon its current standing. Through Syndicate Capital, we assist company to locate the right professional parties to achieve their long-term goals and success.


  • News

    Please see our recent news and announcements

    31 January 2020:

    Strategic partnership between Bank of Asia (BoA) and Syndicate Capital

    Albert Yip, Chairman of Syndicate Capital, being appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer of BoA International Financial Group, covering bank, securities, insurance and global assets management.


    Syndicate Capital will also serve as the strategic partner and co-investor for the offshore banking developments and other fintech initiatives to achieve effective and innovative banking operation of BoA on a group basis.

    23 November 2019:

    Syndicate Capital is eyeing on London for Fintech investments

    We are bringing our Fintech and Smart-City investments to UK, which has listed many of the largest Fintech IPOs - 17 out of the top 50 Fintech companies and 25% of unicorns. 89% of the institutional investors vote London as the best European city for the finance and professional service talent.


    29 October 2019:

    Syndicate Capital engaged as an ESG strategic investor to Viking Resources, promoting Icelandic Water Sustainability and Geothermal Energy initiatives

    The investment project is to build Iceland's largest and most advanced water bottling plant, located at the source in very covenient location of Olfus. Iceland has been regularly ranked as the cleanest country in the world. The stat-of-the-art bottling plant will have various extentions capabilities and will be with initial capacity of 300 millions litres of high quality of water per year and futher expanision to over 1 billions litres. This new plant will be completely sustainable operation, fueled entirely by local geothermal and hydroelectric power. 

    23 September 2019:

    Syndicate Capital entered into MoU with Australian developer and Vietname financial Institute for Students Smart Campus and Urban Farming projects in APAC.

    For the fast growing of EcOasis Agritech, Syndicate Capital (one of the major shareholders of EcOasis) entered into a MoU of joint venture with Alba AI PTY and Accentus Capital. With this strategic partnership, EcOasis Agritech will be able to have a stronger focus on ESG projects, particularly the students smart campus and urbam farming across Asia Pacific.

    26 June 2019:

    US IPO Performance Review in the 2nd Qtr & AI-Education Industry Outlook

    Syndicate Capital co-orgnised with ACG for the roadshow of Comos Robotor at The HK Bankers Club on 26 Jun 2019. High turnout with 200 guests and investors from the capital markets.

    26 April 2019:

    Syndicate Capital and Avalok Capital Entered into MoU for Strategic Partnership in Fintech

    Strategic partnership was formed between Avalok Capital and Sydnicate Capital for the business development of Fintech projects including Robo-advisory and other related AI areas. Mr. Albert Yip, the Chairman of Syndicate Capital, has been appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer of Avalok Capital to enhance the business development and brand-building of Avalok and Bitex, which is the fintech arm of Avalok.

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